How to Have a WCBHA Event

What we provide:

  •   WCBHA 4 and 5 year old bucking horses-30 to 50 head
  •   WCBHA top saddle bronc cowboys
  •   WCBHA crew and personnel for production of event ( they will work with events committee)
  •   WCBHA central entry system for horses and cowboys
  •   WCBHA secretary for event
  •   WCBHA will list your event on association website, cowboy digest, and Rodeo News
  • two pick up men ( approved by WCBHA)
  • four judges(approved by WCBHA)

What event committee needs to provide:

  • $1000 sanctioning fee to WCBHA
  • a minimum of $3000 added money for bucking horses
  • a minimum of $3000 added money for cowboys
  •  sponsor money for event
  • veternarian on grounds (contact info needed by WCBHA)
  • ample amount of horse pens for contractors ( will vary)